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This shit cray!

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Wow tumblr is losing it’s shit all thanks to a minority of SJWs who don’t know when to shut the fuck up. Bet Yahoo is glad they paid so much for it now. Looks like the creator made some serious bank by selling when he did cause had he not, he wouldn’t have gotten nearly as much. Thanks SJWs you are totally AWESOME!



Someone please send this to all the SJW’s out there. Sure, they’ll take it as some kind of oppression and rage against again, but that will just be proving the point.

Tumblr spreading info about stuff isn’t the problem. The problem is HOW some people do it.

You don’t send death threats to people who are different than yourself. That goes for everyone. You don’t do it, it does nothing to further any cause anyone is working towards.

We honestly sound like a bunch of 5 year olds on this website sometimes and it’s sickening since we’re supposed to be the enlightened ones! But we turn out to be elitist and condescending to those who have no idea what we’re talking about and wouldn’t want to after being talked down to. You don’t talk about equality and acceptance in one breath and in the next tell someone to kill themselves or tell them off for not being “educated” like you are. Or telling someone that you’re not there to educate them even though, you could be the one to bring them into your cause.
That’s what this article is talking about. It’s toxic, it’s horrible and it needs to stop.